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If music and worship are a part of your life, WorshipMD is here for you. WorshipMD will be your one-click resource for information and education on making the music in your worship experience sound better. We’re a community of like-minded musicians, technical folks and audio geeks, sharing the understanding that, no matter what your faith or musical style, music is an essential part of the worship experience.

You’ll find tips on everything from making music to miking it onstage, improving the sound in your sanctuary and recording and streaming the experience live. You’ll also find links to informative articles and video content, all designed to make the music of your worship experience sound better.

WorshipMD founder Doug Gould is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on worship sound and microphone applications, and has spent a lifetime reaching out to worship leaders across the United States and abroad. Doug continues to travel extensively in the name of better sound, and you’ll find clips of his presentations here on WorshipMD, along with contributions from a growing circle of professional audio experts and worship leaders.

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